6 years ago

Your Website, in the Blink of an Eye


A “blink”, or that extremely short amount of time that a visitor glances at your website is enough to pass judgement on it. It wouldn’t matter what your back-end technology is, how rich your content is or the amount of hours the developers worked at it, the ‘Blink test’ puts all others matters second.

Grabbing their attention and keeping it so in a matter of mere seconds may not be up to everyone’s skill. But here are some important considerations you should keep in mind when designing your business or personal website.

Pages that load quickly:

A faster internet is becoming available to the general population day by day. With their expectations high with their faster access, a slow loading website instantly runs aground. If images, external widgets, an assortment of multimedia and scripts are running all over your website, careful consideration should be given to loading times with different arrangements. File formats that take up less bandwidth (e.g. GIF, JPG) and using thumbnails for images reduces much of loading speed issues.

Creativity and Attractiveness:

There’s absolutely one thing that impresses anyone at first sight: Visual creativeness and the attraction it creates. For some, minimal designs work, for some a colorful bundle of components work. Whichever format you choose to follow, be creative and unique. Being memorable is important.

Get to the point:

A heading that explains win short what you do is enough to keep an interested party. Having a heading that says ‘welcome to our website’ is of use to no one. If you’re in business, have your business proposition to your customers in clear view. “We do Social Media marketing!” says everything.

Easy navigation:

A website that has a labyrinth for navigation is not impressive at all. Although you may have a lot of services to offer, visualize those interlinks with minimal navigation. creating a natural flow of navigation by creating a sitemap is essential when you get started on your website.

Use images unique for you:

Everyone has those suited-up businessmen and women images all over their website. It’s overused to the point that websites look like site templates at first glance. Be unique and choose your custom images. Pose yourself for the about us page, but with a touch of creativity. Use images that are unique to you, that explains your business right to the point.

Clear content:

Avoid jargon and lengthy paragraphs that no one wants to read on a website. Be concise, clear and relevant. Use bullet points when you have to, use images when you have write a thousand words.

With competitive businesses getting aboard the internet everyday to take themselves to the next level, being memorable plays a great role. A blink can change your customer’s perception of you, of your level of professionalism and the creativity of your solutions.

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