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What Facebook’s new News Feed means for businesses


There’s a place unlike any other, millions of people visit every day -The Facebook news feed. With it’s new look unveiled last week, Facebook aims for a more content and clarity-centric, visually attractive place for your daily dose of social networking.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg commented at the unveiling, “The news feed is one of the most important things we’ve built,” and that “the stories around you deserve to be displayed with more than just text.”
The newest enhancements are bigger images, Multiple Feeds and Mobile Consistency. Visually, the newsfeed is a cleaner place, with heavy focus of imagery. With multiple feeds, users are able to toggle between different feed types, ones focusing on close friends, music, photos, games and other types of content the users subscribe to. The new feed is inspired with mobility in mind, so the design is mobile ready and navigation has better flow.
What this revamping means for businesses is clearly of importance. As the leading social networking platform, Facebook is a must have marketing tool.

Facebook has confirmed that sponsored links will appear in the new feed with bigger sizes and better clarity. The emphasis on visual content and their size is also of importance. In a marketing perspective, attracting your potential customer plays a great role in business success. With the improved visual marketing Facebook could be an ideal place for advertisement.

Mobile consistency is also a crucial step in marketing. With the mobile Facebook users surpassing the desktop users, mobile technology’s role in business is under no doubt. With consistent designs which offer better navigation and clarity, Facebook mobile could reap the best benefits for your business.

However marketers raise concern on the fact that multiple news feeds could affect the marketing. If the content appears separate in news feeds, the visibility of your marketing may go down unless their friends are subscribing to or sharing your business page.
However Facebook offers consolation in the matter, that with the following option in the right hand corner, users will better discover content from the brands or publishers.


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