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The ten commandments for Social Media marketing


A social media marketing campaign for a brand is always a business booster, unless things don’t really go according to plan. However in today’s market, everyone seems to be getting the social media power into their strategies for a successful marketing campaign. Here are some ten rules to live by if you’re in the strategy team.

Being patient and considerate
Overnight successes are rare and fleeting. But a slow-built reputation is bound to last generations. Therefore it’s important not to go chasing subscriber numbers just as you’re getting started. Instead focus on building a rich and communicative model between your existing customers and build a personality for yourself.

Listen to the customer
Customer is always right, or at least you make them believe so. When you’re in business and taking it to social media, one of your major intentions is to connect with the customers. With social media, connecting Businesses to customers has never been this easy.
It also means that you are exposing yourself publicly to be commented on, criticized or praised. Be modest and kind, welcome constructive criticism and if someone plainly bent on trashing you, keep your wits about on how to handle the situation.

Be true to yourself
Choosing popularity over professionalism could drive you off your path. Being consistent with your business goals and vision is important when you are represented across multiple platforms to huge networks of consumers.

Think before you post
When you are a public phenomenon, everything you do is noticed. Social networks are ideal places for things to go viral. A simple misunderstanding can go a long way to be permanent. Therefore thinking twice before you post something is highly relevant.
Also, think about what your post will add to your customers inner workings. How will it be relevant to them? Are you offering something others aren’t? Most importantly, is it worth sharing?

Be Brief
No one wants to reads novel-length posts on social media. A brief and well formulated message gets across and sticks. Not only in text format, but images, videos, infographics as well. (see marketing with Vine)

Don’t hog the conversation
Leave room for others to contribute. Let the previous conversation air a little. When you are dominating the space, no one wants to be around. Use the social media platforms for setting the stage, inviting the community and aiding the conversation.

Do good
Use your social media presence as more of a ‘helper’ persona than a ‘promoter’. Customers are interested in solving their problems, saving time and money, understanding new technologies and how they can be relevant to them. When you are focused more on being a mentor than a sales guy, you’re instantly more valuable.

Keeping it in the Business level
Business and pleasure often don’t mix. Be wary of the level of professionalism in your social media outlets. Personal opinions could hurt the business portrait and therefore maintaining a business policy on the world around you helps you keep your professionalism about you. Posting content that’s far outside your business interests may confuse your subscribers.

Respect the hashtag
Businesses on the lookout for more visibility, hijack hashtags on Twitter. Using a trending hashtag to promote your completely off-the-topic material is known as hashtag hijacking. This may get you some visibility but not a very good one. When you turn up on a unrelated hashtag search, chances are you’ll be branded as a spammer.

Don’t lie
Sometimes you are tempted to bend the truth in order to make yourself sound so great! You’ll say you offer this and that but in reality only offer something else. Once you get caught lying to the customers, they are likely to be disappointed in you and seek another business.

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