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Mobilizing your Business: Mobile marketing tips

Mobilizing your Business: Mobile marketing tips - innovay.com

Day by day computing power increases and computer dimensions diminish. Surpassing an age of room-sized mainframe computers to desktop computers to laptops, we have hand-held computers in the form of Smartphones. With people migrating from Feature phones to Smartphones, a brave new world of on-the-go applications to suit almost every chore of a full sized computer is now being materialized. With the global mobile penetration ever rising, rethinking your business strategy to meet this new phenomenon is essential more than ever.

Mobilizing your Business: Mobile marketing tips - innovay.com

Mobilizing your Business: Mobile marketing tips – innovay.com

Identify your mobile users
With different Smart mobile devices and platforms in wide use, identifying the devices used to access your business. e.g.iPad, Android, Blackberry, or iPhone can help the optimization of contents and layout.

Create a test base
Getting along first with a closed community of your customers to use as a test base can help sort out initial glitches by feedback and improvements.

Customize for mobiles / Create content specifically for small screens
Keeping in mind that the content is displayed in a relatively smaller screen, typing is less desired and the use of mouse is non-existent, your regular website may need a substantial reworking. Shorter content, bullet points and a clear visualization with less cramming, is helpful to the viewer.

Don’t use large images
Larger images mean more bandwidth and more waiting. Create images tailored to fit the screen with less file sizes and dimensions.

Create short forms
When users fill out forms, they like to see auto-filled values and less empty fields. Especially for mobile, the less empty fields and less typing the better.

Don’t use multiple clicks for a simple navigation
If a user has to click three times to get the desired information, it reduces the mobility of your website/app for worse. Websites tailored specifically to suit mobile devices need to be re-worked for flow and content.

Take advantage of mobile device features
Mobile devices come with state of the art technologies already embedded. GPS or location based data is heavily used in many mobile apps that serve location based services. Use them to get users to check in, provide click-to-call functionality to connect with you easily.

Use both mobile apps and mobile sites
Get started with a mobile site. A mobile app is taking it to the next level. Reaching a wider audience with a mobile site and promoting your mobile app through the website is sure to attract audiences.

Taking a mobile direction in your business is always a proactive choice. In a mobile world, businesses can’t stay immobile for long. Getting your business started with a mobile strategy to reach a wider customer base is a right choice you make today.

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