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Facebook Forth: The New Graph Search


Facebook is ever evolving, to the dismay of some and to the pleasure of some. Graph Search is the latest addition in a line of Facebook innovations. Introduced as a beta and waiting to be exposed to the general public in 2013, Graph Search boasts a search engine capability for the millions of people, photos, places, interests and businesses onboard the Social Media giant.

Graph Search allows searching through connections in Facebook, where simple search strings such as “favorite movies of friends” or “photos taken in 2009” to run through a wide social information retrieval. With the growing content and growing numbers on the network, Graph Search would surely become a worthy addition to the Facebook platform.

Facebook Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, announced that Graph Search is not a web search, disputing a predicted search engine rivalry between Google and Facebook, and that “Web search is designed to take any open-ended query and give you links that might have answers,What Facebook is doing is much harder”.Facebook already has a partnership with Microsoft’s Bing to include web results in their search functionality. Despite reassurances, Google might just not be at peace with Facebook’s search advancement.

It’s also a chance for Businesses to come up into the spotlight. What Graph Search means especially for Business is that, businesses that show Positive reviews, content, interactions, check-ins and Likes are bound to rank higher. This means the existing businesses on Facebook should focus on maintaining quality, comprehensive and useful information aimed for their audiences.

Apart from Google, other companies are facing similar territory advances from Facebook with the new unraveling. Yelp Inc., a business listings website faced a 8% drop on share prices just after the Facebook announcement. Dating websites, recruitment agencies, review listing websites are facing similar business threats now that Facebook is ready to mine billions of data. Graph Search gives personalized reviews and recommendations by friends for restaurants and other business listings taking the advantage off FourSquare. It brings up qualified professional applicants at a disadvantage for LinkedIn.

What it means to privacy is a considerable concern. With the Graph Search you and your content, likes, reviews and basically all past activities are up for highlight. Photo privacy, list of Likes and, default sharing audience (Friends, Public) should be looked over before Graph Search hits the mainstream.

Whether you are a business or an individual on Facebook, Graph Search poses opportunities and threats at the same time. For those interested in being on the Spotlight and those who are not, should keep a lookout when Facebook slowly rolls out Graph Search this year. Social Networking just got a jump ahead and is moving forth.

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