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Business on Mobile Apps

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Smartphones are rapidly taking over the feature phone market. With numbers soaring high, mobile software applications (aka. apps) are taking huge leaps in terms of performance, creativity and functionality. Available through application distribution platforms such as  App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World, managed by the Smartphone Operating system companies themselves, mobile apps are competitive than ever to win users.

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With Smartphones taking over the everyday desktop computer capabilities, there has been a major switch from the Computer to phone that has fueled the need to focus beyond simple information retrieval.  What were once limited to email, calendar, contacts, and stock market and weather information, mobile apps are now surfacing with games, factory automation, GPS and location-based services, banking, order-tracking, and ticket purchases.

How exactly are mobile apps a concern for your business? How do they affect you as a businessman?  In an extremely mobile world where nanoseconds are accountable for the winning pitch, Smartphones are the ideal companions. Business deals cannot wait even if you are in your office, or on the way to a business meeting. Customers cannot wait even if you are waiting in traffic or drinking Coffee. A Smartphone is your business desk as you go. Mobile apps that are readily available, or one that you need custom built are your tools in bringing your business to the customer. With the advent of Cloud storage, the data is just a click away for your convenience.

A mobile app takes creativity if it strives to be popular and effective. A housing firm may develop an app that may pinpoint all houses or apartments for sale on a region by the user’s geographic location. A Restaurant or a supermarket chain may notify the closest outlet, Online product tips based on your past shopping preferences and history may enhance your shopping experience. When a business adopts a mobile culture, both the business and the customers are up for benefit.

For businesses,

  • Provide customer service – be it banking or shopping tips, customer is always looking for faster and effective service
  • Add value, Deepen brand loyalty  - A business on a mobile app only adds to the value of the business, customer relationships
  • Make money – selling apps based on the business’ intellectual property can generate revenue
  • Do their business – Employees can access customer databases, work mobile and productively
  • Marketing tool – When you market yourself, mobile users are the widest audience you can hope to assemble.
  • Increase your visibility, accessibility – Being out there in the mobile app universe, brings your business up in visibility and accessibility
  • Connect you with on-the-go consumers – Consumers are mobile as well as the businesses. To join them hand in hand, mobile apps can work magic.
  • Generate repeat business – Once a satisfied customer, always comes back for more. A great business opportunity comes through mobile apps with better services.

Not only your business, but your customers are opened up to an enhanced business experience with easy access to your inventory, notifications of events, launches and promotions, access to your contact information, directions to your location, Fast appointment scheduling, Customer support chat among other facilities.

Mobile apps are here to stay and more and more businesses are discovering their potential for business success. Building or buying the right mobile app is the vital concern of the business since down the road the app is meant to make you visible and more consumer oriented. Taking a step down that road today is a proactive decision your business will make for the better.


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