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Decrypting FOSS: Free and Open Source


  • Posted on Feb 26, 2013
  • Written by Asantha
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A popular quote claims “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”. Is it then applicable over the domain of software and ICT? The term FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) evolved from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, presents a bold stance in the field what was once proprietary and licensed. Although the term often appears in its entirety, occasionally they appear disjointed as “Free software” or “Open Source software”, collectively “F/OSS”. Free software movement founder and guru, Richard Stallman identifies the difference it makes when you call a software either “free” or “Open Source”. He insists the term “free” respects the users’ essential freedoms of using it. Be it whether running it, studying and changing it, and Read More…

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The Twitter debacle: The Hacking of the Popular


Popular Twitter accounts are in for a sour time, with several popular accounts getting hacked into. Monday 11th saw the popular fast food chain Burger King Twitter account hacked and got slapped an embarrassing “Just got sold to McDonalds” message and McDonalds logo across its profile. Not stopping there, the hackers posted a picture of a drug addict injecting himself and tweeted that “we [Burger King] caught one of our employees doing this in the bathroom”. Just the next morning on Tuesday, the Twitter account of Jeep, the popular American automobile brand was hacked and slashed across with a “Just Empty Every Pocket, sold to Cadillac” message. Adding to the series of Twitter hacks, Donald Trump, the business magnate and Read More…

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Going Vine: Using Twitter’s New Video App for Business


Twitter, the social media giant bought and integrated it’s latest app, Vine: a 6 second video sharing tool with surprising results. Two weeks later, the potential of Vine caught on, with numerous stories, ads, contests springing up which the same old text ‘tweets’ didn’t inspire. Although the concept isn’t new, the growth of Vine is based on its simplicity and it’s association with the social media phenomenon that is Twitter. But as with all Social media innovations, how does Vine associate itself with business strategy and marketing? Here are a few ideas how. Product Demonstration: A product demonstration in 6 seconds is at most a fleeting glimpse. Although it is impossible in a conventional way, a well thought plan for Read More…

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Is the Social Media working for you?:Tracking ROI


Ever since Social Media has integrated itself with the global business, people are investing more and more on Social media marketing. But how does an investor track the Return on Investment (ROI) for the big bucks he paid to put his business on the map? Here are five simple ways you could do that. Coupons and Offers Offering your customers coupons and offers from a social media site and tracking the ratio of redeemed offers gives you an insight into how effective the method is. If you do this on a single social network, you can see how effective the network really is for your business. Since facebook launched it’s ‘Offers’ feature, more than 42 million offers have been redeemed Read More…

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Auditing your website: Why and How?


Many companies believe that putting together their own website is the launch of a successful career in business. For some this may be true. But auditing your business website before and after its launch may help optimize it achieve your goals. Most websites are re-designed or re-launched with time, depending on newer requirements, technology advancements and change in management. This is an ideal moment for an website audit. But why? The Benefits: Improving performance: Everyone loves a fast website. A technical audit can evaluate the website performance in terms of loading speed, image quality, script efficiency, cross-browser compatibility etc. It will ensure there are no loading errors, dead ends and the navigation is optimum. Enhanced SEO: A business perspective of Read More…