5 years ago

The World Through Google Glass


There was a time people fantasized about the life of future. All they had to hang on to was their imagination, science fiction literature and the movies. Today, most of what they fantasized about has turned to reality. Google glass (GLASS) project is in fact, such a realization. Google Glass is an augmented reality head-mounted display being developed by Google. With a smart phone like interface, the user is able to wear the instrument like a regular eye glasses and interact with the applications. The user can also interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands. With Google Glass, the new smart device is no longer a separate piece of equipment, but a part of the individual. As per Read More…

5 years ago

SEO Vs. the Google Zoo


If you are into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a practitioner, Panda or Penguin are probably not pleasant words around you. While we are not talking about cuddly white and black animal species, Panda and Penguin here mean the Google updates that reign over the billions of web content struggling to get to the top. SEO is a constantly changing game, with new practices introduced every year and existing practices fall into obscurity and even malpractice. Therefore a SEO practitioner needs his daily dose of what happens over at the Google rulebook. With much of heavily used SEO techniques now in the forbidden realm, businesses should think seriously about what their SEO strategy is. Google Panda is a search algorithm Read More…

5 years ago

Mark yourself on the web: Choosing the Right Domain


  • Posted on Feb 26, 2013
  • Written by Asantha
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Deciding on domain names is like naming your baby. Once you label your website with a certain name and domain, you have got to stick with it all the way and deal with its positive and negative effects. Thus, getting the right domain name for your business can be a major determining factor on whether or not your website is going to be successful. Remembrance is Permanent Sometimes we remember the brand names, sometimes we remember the website addresses. If you are taking your brand out into the world, having a domain that goes with your brand is essential. More people will remember you and your brand and website will be a memorable coupling. All popular websites run their web Read More…

5 years ago

Your Website, in the Blink of an Eye


A “blink”, or that extremely short amount of time that a visitor glances at your website is enough to pass judgement on it. It wouldn’t matter what your back-end technology is, how rich your content is or the amount of hours the developers worked at it, the ‘Blink test’ puts all others matters second. Grabbing their attention and keeping it so in a matter of mere seconds may not be up to everyone’s skill. But here are some important considerations you should keep in mind when designing your business or personal website. Pages that load quickly: A faster internet is becoming available to the general population day by day. With their expectations high with their faster access, a slow loading Read More…

5 years ago

Facebook Forth: The New Graph Search


Facebook is ever evolving, to the dismay of some and to the pleasure of some. Graph Search is the latest addition in a line of Facebook innovations. Introduced as a beta and waiting to be exposed to the general public in 2013, Graph Search boasts a search engine capability for the millions of people, photos, places, interests and businesses onboard the Social Media giant. Graph Search allows searching through connections in Facebook, where simple search strings such as “favorite movies of friends” or “photos taken in 2009” to run through a wide social information retrieval. With the growing content and growing numbers on the network, Graph Search would surely become a worthy addition to the Facebook platform. Facebook Chief executive Read More…