1 year ago

Google’s first ever smartphone – Pixel and Pixel L


I’m a die-hard fan for Apple releases. As I remember, I never miss any of Apple iPhone releases for last four years. Even though whichever mobile pieces makers announce many of events to bring out their new babies, I not fall in love with any of their announcements. My love is only for Apple and I got attraction on their style of releases. But, this time, when I started to see that simple Grey line design with just the letters Oct. 4 on left and the most familiar four colours G on the right, I just turned to say “WOW!”. With the expectation of another finely crafted masterpiece to the mobile world from the giant, this time, my mind fell Read More…

2 years ago

Apple Event 2016 and iPhone 7 debut


It’s like a celebration day to most techies and Apple lovers too..! From the day I got to know about “Apple Event”, it’s a fixed day to have it on my calendar without any commitment whenever it hosted. The craze on the event is something else to me. I loved it to not miss it for the structured presenting, their way of debuting the next gen technologies and to have the excitement moments those breaks the rumors and brought something more than them. This year, the day of iPhone 7 launch which is most awaited especially for storming rumors on removal of headphone jack arrived on 07.09.2016. The September 7 with iPhone 7. It’s great nah..! OK.. move to the Read More…